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Prayer Wheel
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Anonymous: The little brother recently saw some pictures, discovered some Tibetan to spin an wheel, I would like to ask the functions of this wheel?

Pleasant: You said that it should be the prayer wheel!

Anonymous: Prayer wheel indeed, a small thing in the hand turned and turned..

Military sound: Heard in Tibet, a person reach 30th birthday, his relatives and friends would send a wheel to him, the meaning was already 30 years old, was left over the day soon, has already had even more diligently to strive leads a pious life. Therefore the significance of prayer wheel were the blessing, the reminder, strives and so on, the Tibetan thought every time spins a prayer wheel, was equal to speak mantras.

Pleasant: This is called the prayer wheel, you may write Buddha mantras on the paper, coils as a small cylinder, installs on the tube of the axle center. Every time turns, was similar to read or speak the mantras, certainly in your mouth needed to be unceasing repeatedly speak aloud.

Low Yuan: If in the turning of prayer wheel wheel lays aside a ten thousand wisdoms mantras, then represents every time spins prayer wheel, speaks the heart mantras thousand times. In the turning of prayer wheel if asks the Buddhist shop to install the mantra, check that the mantras whether are  fundamentalist Buddhist mantras, if you did not mind, asks Buddhist shop to help you to install, if you want the mantras which own writes, the yellow paper red paper, keep in mind that cannot invert the mantras.

Prayer wheel in Tibet territory, represented pure land, supposition some person reach the end of the life, then certainly does not need some special method, merely touches can eliminate serious sins and the obstacles, is reborn in paradise.

In Tibet gives by the view world sound Bodhisattva records the dragon tree Bodhisattva to take out, therefore on the markets of prayer wheel mostly engraves six words mantras, has this origin.

After cloud: Prayer wheel is for at the last generation, benefit all living things, special convenience method, spins the prayer wheel is similar to saw thousand Buddha.

After it is said: Any person feeds for or replaces the prayer wheel cloth, the next 500 generations may result in the beautiful clothes, and prayer wheel to be allowed the pure all strange diseases and the evil spirit.

Also cloud: Anyone spins a prayer wheel , all of them to protect by the Buddha, the four great heavenly gods, simultaneously also may the pure five sins with ten bad sins purifications this samaras, just before the end when is reborn in paradise, the Amida Buddha pure land.

Translated from Traditional Chinese: