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Gold Bug Bug Scenery Website


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This is my scenery web site, hope all the reader can appreciate my scenery photos, I live in Hong Kong Siu Sai Wan. When you glance the Island Resort, the scenery of Island Resort is extremely beautiful. The price of the Island Resort is very high, a 1000 sq inch condo cost over $6 million, it is very expensive for me. Will I live in Island Resort soon? I do hope so. I am trying my best to come up with the great numbers of Mark Six, hope I can beat the odds in lottery and hit the big big jackpot.

I invented a lottery system, reader can visit gold bug bug website, this website contained many lottery tips, all of the tips were easy to use. Now, I am using the secret formula to beat the odds in lottery; I guess it is still a long way to go, if I hit the jackpot, I will post the winning notice in my website and my gold bug bug website.

I had dozen of nice dreams, I always see the blue calm sea, the blue calm sea just like the Island Resort, like the minor heaven. Besides, I always see the toilet and drinking alcohol, seeing the toilet means windfall and seeing the alcohol also means windfall, hope all of my nice dreams will all come true! What a nice day will be!

Good luck to all people and have a nice day!

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Upated 16th December, 2005

Changed the theme of the website.

Updated 5th July, 2005

I added 15 Tseung Kwan O photos.

Updated 3rd June, 2005

I added 13 Victoria park photos.

Updated 27th May, 2005

I added twenty-eight Tin Shui Wai photos.

Updated 18th May, 2005

I added six Island Resort photos.

Updated 2nd May, 2005

I added 13 Hong Kong Zoological and Botanical Gardens photos.

Updated 29th April, 2005

I added five Shek O photos.

Updated 21st April, 2005

I added the Stanley photos, I removed the 640*480 photos.

Updated 19th April, 2005

I added the Chai Wan Park photos, there were altogether 27 photos.

Updated 18th April, 2005

I changed the Island Resort photos, there were altogether 30 photos.